Pancard Services

PAN or (Permanent Account Number) is a unique 10-digits alphanumeric number assigned to all the taxpayers in our country. PAN acts as the primary key to store data or information of every tax-related record in his database. PAN is allotted to a person by the Income Tax department of India. PAN CARD is basically a physical card with a unique allotted number with your other credentials imprinted on it. PAN is unaffected by the change in a permanent location. Our company has merged with NSDL Bank Payment System which controls the PAN department in India. Applying for a PAN card offline was an antediluvian method that was time-consuming, with our JUSTFORPAY institution applying for the PAN CARD offline with ease and fast.


PAN CARD is essential for taxpayers as it keeps a track of all your inflow and outflow of money transactions. It is important while paying taxes and receiving notices from the income tax department. This card can be used as valid identity proof across the country. Besides tax-paying there are other reasons to have a PAN card.


PAN card was issued under the Income Tax act 1961 by Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT). The key idea behind the issue of PAN cards was to enable the tracking of individuals' financial reports and to track all the black and white income of individuals under government administration.