Utility Payment


Electricity and gas are indispensable needs of our day-to-day life, all our work ceases when there is a power cut in your locality. So paying your bill on time becomes your utmost priority. With JUSTFORPAY service we offer an online mode of bill payment platform for the customer to eradicate the traditional methodology of paying bills at the Electricity department waiting in long queues while taking your crucial time out from your strict schedule. Like electricity, gas also has its key importance in our life, which controls our dietary schedule. Now, pay your gas bills on time at our website.


Insurance provides aid or support to one individual to reduce the chance of risk in one’s business or life. There is a probability of sudden loss in your business, so insurance provides a backup for the sudden loss. An Insurance premium is an amount of insurance policy you have registered which you have to pay on an installment basis. Sometimes it becomes a liability for the policyholder as almost all insurance is a long-term investment and not every middle-class user can afford it as a result, it becomes a burden that implies that the investment can only get its returns after it reaches its maturity.


EMI or (Estimated monthly installments) is a more convenient method for any purchase of commodities or repayment of any Loan. Our JUSTFORPAY services have been annexed with one of the leading NBFC(Non-Banking Financial Company) i.e Bajaj Finserv and many other companies to provide a portal for the customers to avail EMIs. EMIs are affordable and are easy to maintain with your E-wallet. Our JUSTFORPAY E-Wallet provides the best EMI installation services. EMI directly deals with money lenders and money repayers, no intermediates are involved.


The loan is money lent by the bank, friends, or any financial institute with the assurance of repayment of that sum of money with the principal as well as with some interest amount. Our institute provides unsecured or personal loans for the customer which does not require any sort of collateral. On our website, you can get your loan approved by simple registration.